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She'll say YES!

Colours of spring 💙🪴💋🌴🍷🥑💕🍀👠🫖💧💦 https://t.co/kG9npTKulH YMZ_yummymum photo
"The result of 2 professional dancers GETTING MARRIED 😭💍 you know we had to!” (🎥:cost_n_mayor & sarahandbrandonfilms)

1 Billion Years of Tectonic Plate Movement in 40 Seconds 🌎

Credit @VisualCap
Good morning my loves!!!.. 🥰💕🐱🐱🐱🐱💕😘 https://t.co/4cDXs2TmcK
🐶- Looking to hire this man as my
personal motivator ... !!👇🏼😄

( boscoandhisbigstick | Ig ) https://t.co/647VXm5jud
These people made the world a better place ♥️ another good deed done 👏. I noted; not easy to catch those fast little blighters 🦭 https://t.co/KEocEaoYdI
. @BuildersSA #ShopPatio I just entered the #BuildersOutdoor competition & I stand a chance to WIN a R5000 voucher. Tweet below👇 to get yours
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