Religious etiquette

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Greetings/conventions for major non-Christian religions



Greeting: Namaste (I bow to the God in you)

No kissing/handshakes with opposite sex

Major observation: Deepavali (Festival of Lights)

  • Appropriate greeting: Happy Deepavali and a prosperous New Year
  • Brownie points if other non Hindu workers (esp the Boss) buy traditional sweets at a dealer and share them around the office with quiet personal greetings
  • Employers: a day’s leave would be much appreciated

Upcoming Hindu holidays


Greeting: Shalom (Peace)

  • The Jewish Sabbath is from sunset Friday to nightfall Saturday

Major observation: Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)

  • Appropriate greeting: ‘Shana Tova’ (Hebrew for “For a Good Year”)

Major observation: Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement – so ‘Happy Yom Kippur” not appropriate!)

  • Appropriate greeting: Tzom Kal (Easy Fast) or G’mar Hatimah Tovah (May You be Sealed for a Good Year)

Upcoming Jewish holidays


Greeting: No shaking hands with opposite sex

Major Observation: Ramadan (Annual fasting month ending in Eid al-Fitr)

  • Appropriate greetings:
  • ‘Kul’a, wa enta bi-khair!’ (Arabic for “May every year find you in good health”)
  • ‘Eid Mubarak’ (Blessed Eid) or ‘Eid Saheed’ (Happy Eid)

Upcoming Muslim holidays


Major Observation: Chinese New Year

“New Year Happiness” or “Pass the New Year Well”

Upcoming Christian holidays

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