Hospital staff sing “Amazing Grace” to baby on her final journey

 Coralynn Eve Sobolik contracted parainfluenza and rapidly experienced dire complications. Parents Meagan and Paul noticed their baby girl was having difficulty breathing, so they … Read more

What is the HPV (Human Parainfluenza Virus)?

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Parents Warned – Do NOT Ever Cover Your Pram

NSW Health has issued a number of warnings about placing blankets, towels and light cloths over prams to cover ..


While it may seem as though you’re just harmlessly providing your child with shade, without significant airflow under the covering there is a significant increase of heat suffocation.

Overheating and re-breathing in carbon dioxide can also increase the baby’s risk of SIDS, shares Daily Mail.

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Smartphones, tablets causing mental health issues in kids as young as two

Parents and teachers must cut the amount of time children spend online or watching television while they’re studying, socialising, eating or even playing sport.


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Children as young as two are developing mental health problems because of smartphones and tablets, scientists warn.

Just an hour a day staring at a screen can be enough to make children more likely to be anxious or depressed. Read more..

Antibiotic use linked to heightened bowel cancer risk

The dangers of antibiotic overuse


In 2010, patients around the world took an estimated 70 billion doses of antibiotics — equivalent to 10 doses each. Antibiotics have a strong and long lasting impact on the gut microbiome, altering the balance of helpful and harmful bacteria. Read more..

Dangers of antibiotic overuse ..

The Danger of Antibiotic Overuse

Some germs that were once very responsive to antibiotics have become more and more resistant. This can cause more serious infections, such as pneumococcal infections (pneumoniaear infections, sinus infections, and meningitis), skin infections, and tuberculosis. Read more..

Do you use wi-fi in a coffee shop?

Here’s how the man sat behind you could be emptying your bank account


Common online banking mistakes that could leave your account wide open to thieves

Trojan horse drug fights cancer


‘Trojan horse’ drug that tricks cancer cells into letting it inside ‘completely eliminates’ bone, pancreatic and colon forms of the disease in a trial

Aug 2 2019

Researchers unlock cancer cells’ feeding mechanism, central to tumor growth

Aug 1 2019

An international team led by researchers from the University of Cincinnati and Japan’s Keio and Hiroshima universities has discovered the energy production mechanism of cancerous cells that drives the growth of the nucleolus and causes tumors to rapidly multiply.