James Ngugi

Kani: Bonisile John (Playwright and Actor)

Ngugi wa Thiong’o (Born James Thiong’o Ngugi)

Born: 5 January 1938, Limuru, Kenya

This highly regarded prolific Kenyan born writer holds numerous degrees (many of them honorary) from Universities around the world. He is currently lecturing at UCLA. His output ranges across political commentary, novels, short stories, plays and children’s books. He holds an additional distinction in that Dictator Moi issued a warrant of arrest for the main character in a novel, and on finding him fictional, had the novel arrested instead! He writes in Gikuyu which is his native language and translates his work into English himself.


“The condition of women in a nation is the real measure of its progress”.
“Written words can also sing”.


  • Weep not Child
  • The River Between
  • A Grain of Wheat
  • Petals of Blood
  • Devil on the Cross
  • Matigari
  • Wizard or the Crow
  • Something Torn & New: An African Renaissance