Christina Rosetti

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English Poet Christina Rossetti Christina Rossetti2

Christina Rossetti 1830-1894

Born: 5 December 1830, London, UK
Died: 29 December 1894, Torrington Square, Bloomsbury, London, UK

Both Christina Rossetti’s father (Gabriele) and her brother (Dante) were poets. She was a fragile person subject to unknown illnesses eventually succumbing to cancer. Among her friends were Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), Whistler the artist and the poet Swinburne.


“My heart is like a singing bird.”
“Better by far you should forget and smile that you should remember and be sad.”
“Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun.”Selected Bibliography (*Best known)


Christina Rossetti produced over 300 poems
*Who Has Seen The Wind?: Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you. But when the leaves hang trembling, The wind is passing through.
*Goblin’s Market: Morning and evening Maids heard the goblins cry:”Come buy our orchard fruits, Come buy, come buy:
*Remember: Remember me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land
*Promises Like Pie-Crust: Promise me no promises, So will I not promise you: Keep we both our liberties, never false and never true.
*Mirage: The hope I dreamed of was a dream, was but a dream; and now I wake