Charlotte Bronte

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English Poet Charlotte Bronte Charlotte Bronte2

Bronte: Charlotte 1816-1855

Born 21 April1816 Yorkshire
Died 31 March 1855

Charlotte’s Jane Eyre was published under a pseudonym – Bell, as were her younger sister Emily’s Wuthering Heights and Ann’s Agnes Grey. Her miserable boarding school experience gave her the basis for later characters in Jane Eyre. Charlotte favoured long narrative poems.


”Look twice before you leap.”
”If you are cast in a different mould to the majority, it is no merit of yours: Nature did it.”
Selected Bibliography
Charlotte wrote 19 poems (*Better known)


*Retrospection: We wove a web in childhood A web of sunny air
Parting: There’s no use in weeping, though we are condemned to part: There’s such a thing as keeping A remembrance in one’s heart
Life: Life, believe, is not a dream so dark as sages say
Regret: Long ago I wished to leave “The house where I was born”
Passion: Some have won a wild delight, by daring wilder sorrow; could I gain thy love tonight
Pleasure: True pleasure breathes no city air


Jane Eyre
The Professor


Life of Charlotte Bronte by Mrs Gaskell