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The concept of this site grew out of my lack of knowledge in so many areas. I would be party to conversations about topics of which I had either limited, or no knowledge. My children would ask questions where I should have known the answers, and then I found that I did not know how to guide them through the intervention of the internet as I could not distinguish good sites from bad references.

So, the aim of this site is to take you by the hand and walk you through a journey of discovery. You will find lists of top schools or a map of South Africa. Click on Learning Curve to see things you might have missed out on at school like how to identify art and artists or what consists of classic literature or poetry. You will be able to convey the correct greetings for religious festivals – there is a print out calendar with school terms and religious holidays so that you do not slip up. Never again be stuck when interpreting a recipe and being confused between US and UK measurements. There is information about entrepreneurship and funding as well as advice on family matters. You can even plan your activities around sports events that involve certain members of your family preferring being glued to the TV. Quick Reference covers a miscellany of issues – check it out so you know where to go for ease of reference (for next time)!

The site is alive – give us your suggestions of what you would like to see and we will do the research. Identify areas which you would like to know more about or tell us where you have discovered a super link and we will gladly expand the selection. And of course your criticisms will be taken into account – we are happy to accommodate all valid improvements and to correct any inadvertent misinformation.

Explore and we hope you will sufficiently enjoy the experience to tweet about it or to reference it on your Facebook page.

Yours in a brave new world,

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